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Have a question? If the info below doesn't answer your question, please contact us.

I use a specific resin, will it work on your machines?
If the resin you are using is not listed in our latest catalogue or if you've spoken to our technical advisor about your printing needs and he has confirmed that we have not tested the resin you are using, we can test resin on our 3D printers for a fee. It costs $200 to conduct the test, plus the cost of the resin (at least 2 litres) and its shipping to us.

If you would like the test prints posted to you, you would need to pay postage. 

What color is the included resin?
It is the red that you see being used in most of our 3D print photos.

Do you have a leasing or financing option?
Not really, we can only suggest using your credit card.

Can you tell me the technical differences between the GiziMate 130 and the GiziPro 130?
The GiziPro can be upgraded by the user to add a vat that will allow prints that are 390mm tall where the tallest vat that can be installed in the GiziMate is a 260mm tall vat.

The GiziPro is taller so you can move the projector assembly further away from the vat . This means you don't need to lower the wide vat that much to get to the 400mm wide projection area. With the GiziMate you need to lower the wide vat to the bottom to achieve the 400mm wide projection area. This means the GiziPro can print taller objects when using the wide vat compared to the GiziMate.

Why do the GiziMate 130 Basic, GiziPro 130 Basic and GiziMax 130 Basic all come with the same build volume? I don't see what the advantage is of purchasing the more expensive ones. It seems the Pro and Max should come with a larger build plate as standard.
It is because our machines grow with the user, so when you purchase a machine, it comes with the standard sized vat and build plate and when you want to scale to make bigger prints, you can just buy the larger vat and build plate that you need. The advantage is - if you have the bigger machine already, you can upgrade to the bigger vat and build plate anytime when you have the money to do so.

Why is shipping not included in the price?
We show shipping as a line item on your invoice.  This is so that you can see all the costs.

How much is the international shipping duties?
The cost of duties varies depending on what country you live in. Unfortunately, international duties are far from simple; different countries levy different taxes and charges.  Because of this, we ask that the buyer assumes responsibility for such charges when ordering a Gizmo 3D printer.

When will my Gizmo 3D Printer arrive?
Your printer will arrive between 2 and 4 months from when you accept the invoice and pay.

Can I use third party resins with the Gizmo 3D Printer?
In theory, any DLP compatible resin will work. However, we can only guarantee that resins we have personally tested will work with our machines.

Can you print a sample of my own file?
At this time we are very busy on getting the Gizmo 3D Printer out the door so we are currently unable to provide individual samples. We are working on this and will post updates when we are able to offer this service.

Will Gizmo 3D Printers offer a warranty or support?
At the moment we are unable to provide specific details in terms of warranty and support, but we are in the process of developing this. However, we can guarantee that the printer you will receive will be in full working order, and we can tell you that we are planning to take extra special care of the supporters who have been with us from the beginning.

Do you have plans for making a bigger printer?
This is part of our long-term aim, although nothing concrete has been designed as yet.

What comes with my Gizmo 3D Printer?
The Gizmo 3D Printer comes with enough resin to get you started and a hand pump to use when pumping out resin from your vat when you want to switch resins.

If I have the super speed add-on, will it print just as high a resolution if you print at slower speed?

When printing using the continuous printing method, you get smoother surfaces but you could lose detail. For instance, your smallest hole size when printing using continuous printing might only be 1mm in size but when printing at standard speed, you could possibly create a hole size of 200 microns. Also, the resin used to print continuously is not a high-resolution resin. If you want to print high-resolution parts like jewellery, it's best to print with a higher resolution resin. Each resin is good at a certain task.


You can print at standard speed or continuously with a single projector and you can print at standard speed or continuously with a super speed add-on. The super speed add-on is a second projector, with rails, brackets, cabling and an electronics box that allows you to align two images on top of each other to give you higher printing speeds. If you align the two images correctly on top of each other - they will be seen as a single image and there will be no difference (from what we've experienced) in resolution - whether you are using a single projector or dual projectors (super speed add-on).

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