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Many of the parts started cracking.  We are reprinting some of them now.  All parts where washed in methylated spirits.  Seems it is the wrong thing to use.  Do not use methylated spirits to clean parts printed with a DLP printer.

We tested using Jif kitchen cleaner.  It is made to remove grease in the kitchen and it seems to be able to remove the excess resin from the parts.  The Jif cleaned parts also cracked.

We am now placing parts in bicarbonate of soda for a bit and even rubbing it on the parts.  I then place the parts in a 6L sonic bath for 30 minutes at 30 degrees C.  So far none of the parts have cracked that we cleaned this way.  We guess we will see in a month if anything happens to the parts.

We have been told someone printing very fine items uses demineralised water and 3% Sonixlab TEK33 to clean their parts and that is working for them.  We haven't been able to find TEK33 in Australia.  Hopefully the bicarbonate of soda will not cause cracks in the plastic

I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!
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