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The Gizmo 3D Printers software is called Gizmetor. The name comes from joining Gizmo and Creator.  This is exactly what the software will allow you to do.  Create Gizmo's on a DLP 3D printer.  The software runs on Java 8.  It uses 3D extensively so an up to date graphics card and driver will be required.

Gizmetor will become available again when a provisional patent has been lodged for the hotspot compensation.  Currently there isn't any support for this app since it is still very much in development.


Start page

Gizmetor software screenshot
Library Tab

The library page shows all the 3D objects in your libary.  You can add as many directories to the library as you want.  When double clicking on an object the application will load it into memory and you will be able to turn the real 3D object around in the library tab.

Gizmetor software Library Tab screenshot
Layout Tab

Objects can be added to the layout tab horizontally or vertically.  When the objects are added in the layout tab they can be manipulated.  The layout tab shows the true dimensions of the machine and also the projection area on the build area.
Gizmetor Layout Tab screenshot
Web Tab

Some object repositories have been added to Gizmetor so that it is very easy to just browse for objects on the web and add them to the layout.
Gizmetor Web Tab screenshot
The tutorials below show a bit about how the software works.  More coming soon on the Gizmo 3D Printers YouTube channel.
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