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Differences between GiziMate, GiziPro and GiziMax


It is possible to install the super speed addon on the GiziMate, GiziPro and GiziMax.

The super speed addon will allow you to print at around 130mm x 75mm x 3mm in 1 minute. The addon can be used up to a size of around 300mm x 160mm, but at that size you are not able to print using continuous printing. We will release videos at some point to explain all of this, but we don't want to give too much away at the moment.

The addon costs an extra $2600, at time of writing this blog post, and can be added later on so you don't need to buy it when you buy the printer. Continuous printing might be possible at a size of 70mm x 35mm without the super speed addon, but we have not had time to test that yet.

Speed stats

We have multiple ways to print and the user can change the configuration as they need it to have a balance between speed and quality Print area of around 70mm x 35mm Standard method Fast - low detail with layers +-40mm per hour Example: Slow - high detail with layers +-10mm per hour Example: Print area of around 130mm x 75mm

Continuous method

3mm per minute


All of them allow you to change the position of where the vat sits, the GiziMax has more levels than the GiziPro and the GiziPro has more levels than the GiziMate.

They can all largely do the same things, because the frame is just taller from the GiziMate to the GiziPro to the GiziMax.

If you want to print the full build size with the GiziMate you need to move the projector assembly to the very top and the vat to the very bottom to get enough distance. So that means you will not be able to print really tall objects with the GiziMate if you go with the full build size of 400mm x 250m. You don't need to move the vat that far with the GiziPro and you don't have to move it with the GiziMax

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