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High resolution Top Down DLP 3D printer

The smallest hair like features are designed to be 0.5mm and printed at around 0.6mm. The squares are designed to be 2mm x 2mm and printed around 2.14mm x 2.14mm. The scale can be configured in the config xml or on the calibration screen before the print starts so it is possible to get very close to the designed sizes.

When the machine is configured for high resolution it is able to print the item in the photo. The test item was printed at 50 micron Z resolution (layer height) and 35 micron X/Y.

We believe the software needs to be upgraded to give better prints, but it will also make the printing process more complicated. The software should probably allow for basic settings so that anybody can just print, but allow users to customise the print to be able to get a better print from the machine

It seems when there are few pixels the exposure time needs to be longer, but with more pixels the exposure time needs to be shorter. If you use the same exposure time for both there is bleed.

The software should allow the user to specify (or the software should calculate it automatically) which parts of the print should get more light and which less light. This means a print might need to display in parts. First starting off with the really tiny features then displaying the bigger features and then displaying the final features

The B9 Creator software displays an outline of the image after displaying the full image. We will upgrade my software to do the same and see if it changes anything.

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