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Hotspot compensation at its best

It took a bit of time to get the hotspot compensation correct. The part in the back printed great. There is still a tiny mistake on the part in the front. We changed the hotspot configuration and that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Something we noticed is that when printing big parts, big flat surfaces, you need less power. When printing small parts you might need a bit more power. I will have to upgrade the hotspot manager to allow the user to print big and small parts together easier.

An example of this is the bottom of the engine parts. They are solid up to around layer 40 then the engine parts become hollow. For the first 40 layers the display time can be reduced from 4.6 seconds down to 3 and maybe even 2.5. If you display for 2.5 seconds you won't be able to print the small parts in the corner. The upgraded version of the hotspot manager will solve this problem. This is becoming more advanced printing and I think I will have to hide all this for novice printers.


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