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Print the Rook that Formlabs printed

We always compare prints to those from B9 Creator and the Form 1 from Formlabs. We were able to get the 3D model of the rook/castle that Formlabs printed when they ran their Kickstarter.

We decided to print the rook a bit smaller than what Formlabs printed it at. Our prints are 3cm tall, the Formlabs print is around 6cm tall. The tiny DNA strand strand printed perfectly. The photo shows the steps. This castle can probably fit inside the castle of Formlabs.

This was printed at 35 micron X/Y and 50 micron Z using the Fun To Do Industrial blend with extra pigment. It did take many tries to get this to print, mostly because we were still learning the printer and trying to get the pigment mix just right.

It is really difficult to get the correct mix of pigment when you are working with a 4L tank of resin. In the beginning I added a couple drops at a time and printed. Later on we just added a full bottle of pigment and the print came out great.

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