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Printing a Toyota engine on a DLP 3D Printer

We are working on finishing the engine parts. We're not too happy about some of the parts. We think we need the wiper to work to actually print them perfectly.

Big flat parts cause different issues on top down printers than on bottom up printers. Bottom up printers have difficulty printing big flat parts, because of suction between the vat and the build plate. Fluid dams up in places with a top down when there isn't a wiper to spread the fluid. We also reduced the display time with each new plate of parts that I am printing. Currently a whole plate can be displayed in 2.5 seconds. The rest time is 20 seconds.

We tried to reduce the rest time, but the prints just didn't come out really nice. Increasing the rest time causes the white light of the projector to harden the resin without any image being displayed. Maybe we can build something into the printer in the future to block the light from the projector when it isn't displaying a layer.

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