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Printing the big parts of the Toyota engine

Now the big stuff will start getting printed in. The current build plate isn't big enough for many of these parts so I am splitting them and might not even be able to print them together on the same build plate.

If we had a little bigger build plate and no heater we would probably be able to finish most of the big parts in 6 hours each. We tried to add smaller parts in the big parts to use the full build area. This engine part lifted up a tiny bit in the back left corner. The reason for this is over exposure. We are starting to create an excel file containing display times that can be used for a certain feature size. This engine part had a big flat surface so the display time should have been 2.5 seconds or maybe even less.

The part was hollowed out with MeshMixer with 2mm walls. The walls needed to be printed at 3 seconds or maybe more. This can be setup in the Preview Manager of Gizmetor. The problem is the small parts I tried to print with the big parts. The small parts have their own features at their own sizes. So you might be printing a big flat surface that needs 2.5 seconds and a tiny surface that needs 4 seconds. That is a problem currently. It is recommended to not mix big and small surfaces at the moment until Gizmetor can give the user the ability to override the display power of the projector in certain areas.

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