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Super fast printing

We have seen videos where top-down printers dip deep into the resin and come back up. We also read on forums that everybody says that this is how you are supposed to do it. It didn't seem right because when the build plate dips it displaces so much fluid that goes into the overflows and you don't actually have the correct layer height when the build plate gets back into position.

We tried something new. We didn't dip extra distance at all. We just let the print go. This meant we could speed up the process, because the dip time took around 15 seconds when dipping slow. We dipped at a slow rate so that the fluid didn't get shaken too much. We were able to reduce the total layer time from 20 seconds to 5 seconds and it can probably go even faster than that.

No dipping does reduce the quality of the print, but you can get alot of speed from the printer. So you can decide between speed and quality really.

The middle print was done with no dipping. The prints look bad, because they where printed at 100 micron X/Y. It is really difficult to get the tiny features printed at such low resolution. The thinnest part is 50 micron. We used the override manager to get the parts to print. This shows that small features are possible at 100 micron X/Y and also you can print something really fast if you don't care much about the quality.

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