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Top Down DLP 3D printer

Some never before seen photos of the version 1 prototype top down DLP 3D printer. The 3D printer has a maximum possible print area of 420mm x 220mm x 850mm.

The frame is made from 40mm x 40mm extruded aluminium. The laser cut parts are made from 2mm to 3mm mild steel.

Problems with version 1

- The steel part that holds the build plate wasn't strong enough, it had alot of spring in it. When the wiper just barely touched the build plate it would push the build plate down. This meant some parts of the build plate had more resin on it and it meant the prints where thicker in some places than others. It caused alot of problems

- The wiper was attached to the frame and the frame is not perfectly level, this meant that the wiper would be close to the build plate in one spot and further away another spot

- We measured the projector incorrectly, the width was the height and the height was the width in my design. It meant nothing actually fitted correctly

- The vat was made from steel and welded. This caused the vat to benda little bit and it meant it wasn't perfectly level

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