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7 Common misconceptions about top down SLA DLP 3D printing - let's set the record straight

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Top Down resin 3D printer

Top-down SLA DLP 3D printing has been around for a long time, and most people are unaware of the latest developments.

SLA DLP 3D printers have never been this fast or this affordable.

The Gizmo 3D Printer is the quickest resin 3D printer that is based on the top-down SLA DLP 3D printing technology. Here’s a look at common misconceptions about this industrial resin 3D printer that stem from people’s experiences with the old resin 3D printing methods. Let’s set the record straight on what is currently available to improve your polymer resin 3D printer experience:


Misbelief: It is expensive to fill a resin tank 3D printer with resin.

Reality: This is not the case anymore. The Fun To Do resin that we use for super speed printing starts from USD 50 per liter for example. Some users fill their vats partially with glycerine to help reduce the amount of resin needed to print their projects. Our 3D printers are compatible with resin from many 3D printer resin manufacturers. When using a Gizmo 3D Printer, you aren't as limited as with other 3D printer manufacturers to find a resin that suits your 3D printing needs and budget best.


Misbelief: Industrial resin 3D printers are expensive.

Reality: When comparing the Gizmo 3D Printer prices to other industrial resin 3D printers in the market and taking into account all the benefits it offers such as large build volumes, ground-breaking printing speed and more, the machines are competitively priced. Some industrial 3D printers cost anything from USD 40 000 upwards that don't offer the same speed and other capabilities that our top resin 3D printer offers at less than half that price.

3. Misbelief: Parts 3D printed with resin aren't strong.

Reality: 3D prints are fragile before curing and needs to be cured in the sun or in a UV light box to become hard. We did a test where a hollow ball could withstand up to 30kgs of weight. The final strength is dependent on the resin you choose. Today there are many more resins available to select from. That said, we aren't at a stage yet where resin 3D prints are as strong as nylon. If you're looking for a strong and good quality resin, we recommend browsing through the options at

4. Misbelief: You will need to empty the tank before/after printing.

Reality: With a Gizmo 3D Printer you don’t have to empty the tank or remove the build plate when an object has finished printing. You can start printing right away after you remove your finished object with a palette knife, scalpel or another tool. The new Gizmo 3D Printers also feature a removable build plate that is attached to the main build plate with magnets to make the process of removing a 3D print even easier.

5. Misbelief: Defects are often caused from surface tension/the meniscus.

Reality: Actually a research paper called Surface Fabrication in the Mask Projection based Stereolithography shows the meniscus can be used to smooth the prints and we’ve been using it to our advantage. You can find it at this link: Look for "Smooth"

6. Misbelief: Hardened resin bits can create imperfections in the prints that follow. It is also believed by some that the build plate stirs the resin as it moves, kicking up the particulate matter in the resin.

Reality: The hardened resin bits sink to the bottom and doesn’t interfere with the print at all. When you mix the resin there are bubbles. By the time the bubbles disappear, the hardened resin bits would have sunk to the bottom of the vat where it won't come into contact with any new 3D print forming on the build plate.


Misbelief: The resin can react with ambient light/air etc, and "go off" and if you aren't using it regularly, it's time-consuming and messy.

Reality: Ambient light and air does not affect the resin. Depending on the resin you use, it can last last in your vat for a year or more. Keeping your workspace clean is like baking a cake - it's best to clean as you go. Stay tuned for our top tips to keep your SLA DLP 3D printer workspace clean.

Knowing about these common misconceptions can help you make more confident, informed decisions when choosing which resin 3D printer to buy.

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