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Preparing for your printer to arrive

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

For those of you whose Gizmo 3D Printer can't come fast enough - here's some tips for preparing your work space in the meantime!

1. Choose a space for your printer that has little to no sunlight. 2. Decide on plastic or paper to protect your desktop surface from possible resin spillage. We cover with clear plastic as you can see in the photo. 3. Get the following items ready: - Scalpel for removing parts from the build plate easily.

- Very thin paint scraper to also use to remove parts. - Plastic gloves (never work with resin without your gloves). - Lots of paper towels. - A rubbish bin. - Alcohol to rinse your finished parts with (we use a spray bottle). - A 3mm size allen key for lifting and securing your projectors when you need to. - Space for your laptop. - Your resin mixer (a cake mixer can be used, as well as a fork/spoon if you didn't order an auto mixer)

- PC/laptop to run GiziPrint on. Remember the printers do not come with a built in PC.

We also suggest practicing this great tutorial for adding supports to your 3D model using Meshmixer. You can also complete the first two steps from this quick start guide by checking that your PC or laptop has enough memory and installing Java 8 64-bit. Make sure you install the correct version of Java! And you're all set :)


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