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InMoov robot prints

We visited UQ recently where a group is working in partnership with Idea Hub on a project involving 3D printing parts of the InMoov robot designed by Gael Langevin.

We wanted to see how our technology could make a difference to the project so we started printing the parts of the robot ourselves. We were having so much fun printing the arm and hand for UQ, we started printing the rest of the robot too. We've been broadcasting our prints live so that followers of our YouTube channel could see how we print. The live broadcasts show the whole process that we follow to start a print and how to remove a print etc.

We had a visitor yesterday that prints on popular SLA machine and he said the speed of our machines are unbelievable. Our printer printed this part in 3 hours and 20 minutes without a super speed add-on. When we loaded the same object into the software from the popular SLA machine, we saw that the same print would have taken 18 hours on that printer. It shows that our standard machine without the super speed add-on is much faster than most popular machines for some prints.

Screenshot from Gizmo 3D Printer software showing the print time for the part is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Screenshot from popular software showing the print time for the part is 18 hours and 27 minutes.


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