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PC doesn't detect printer

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Every Windows 10 PC we have used connected the printers automatically, but some of the users have reported that the PC didn't automatically detect the printer.

Steps to try


As is normal with Windows, restart if there is a problem. Before doing anything else, unplug the printer from the USB port and restart the PC. When the PC is up and running again plug the printer into a USB port. The PC should normally play a sound. If it doesn't, try another port and another.

Install driver

Try to install the FTDI driver that you can download from

Install Arduino

Sometimes the Arduino installation fixes the problem.

Download Arduino software from

Very important: Download ARDUINO 1.0.6 installer

When you run the installer it should install the drivers. After install please restart the PC. If all went well the PC should detect the printer after startup.


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