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Resin level before printing

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Users started printing now and the biggest problem they face is not being sure on how and where the build plate should be.

Follow these steps:

- Lift the build plate just above the overflow

- Fill the vat until the resin overflows and leave it for a minute

- Move the build plate into the overflow and make sure it is level. If it isn't level, screw in the grub screws in the top build plate to level the build plate. You should also try to level the printer using the feet.

- What you want to do is fill the vat until the resin overflows and then leave for a minute.

- Move the build plate into the resin just so that the resin is between the holes of the build plate.

- Display the first layer so that it bridges all the holes. You can do this either with overrides or with the calibration page. If all the holes have been bridged you can start the print.

Photos of my machine and build plate:

I am still using the old build plate on my machine.

This is how my build plate looks after it has been sitting idle for about an hour above the resin. I normally just use the build plate to cover the resin. As you can see it gets really dry over time, because the resin flows down through the holes.

What you need to do is dip it for about 5mm to coat the build plate and then bring it back up, but bring it up to the point where the resin is just between the holes and you can see a little sparkle on the side of the holes.

Look closely in the first column and the last two columns of the photo. The sparkle is there. This build plate is now ready for printing. Not too much resin on the plate and the resin isn't too deep.

Now display the first layer until all the holes have been bridged. I normally just do this in the calibration screen, but you can add an override in the override manager to display the first layer longer. I just prefer this way and then I make sure with a scalpel that the holes have hardened plastic in them.

Start the print and wait. When the printer is done you will have a present on the build plate waiting for you :)

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