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Install the build plate and vat

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

This image is a cross section of a GiziMate Xtreme. Only some of the components have been numbered to make it easier to explain what should be done when installing a vat and build plate.

The super speed printers have a different vat design than the basic machines. The build plate (#97) installs into the wide build plate bracket (#21). The wide build plate bracket (#21) should come with 4 bolts that will allow you to fasten the build plate to the bracket.

It can be a bit difficult to install such a large vat. To help with that, loosen the bolts that hold the cross member (#39) in place and move it upwards. The heater cables are inside the cross member (#39) so those cables will first have to be removed.

Please note: Anytime you make modifications to the printer all cables need to be unplugged from the printer.

When moving the vat into the frame please make sure the vat doesn't damage any of the wires. The sides of the vat can cut the wires inside the frame really easily so please move the vat slowly and without force. You will need to move the Z axis rail break (#3) upwards. It needs to sit just above the vat. Moving the Z axis rail break (#3) might disconnect wires from the microswitch. The wires go into connector 1 and 3. The middle connector is not used.

The machines without super speed uses the same principles, just with a smaller bracket as can be seen in the photos below.

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