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Mini Manufacturing of Tri-Fidget Toys

3D printed Tri Fidget toy manufactured by Gizmo 3D Printers customer Max

Tri-Fidget toy manufactured by Gizmo 3D Printers customer Max.

Gizmo 3D customer Max started a side business by manufacturing and selling Tri-Fidget Toys. This is the first of many case studies to come with which we hope to share how our inspiring customers are using their Gizmo 3D Printers. What is a fidget toy?

Some people like to fidget and this is a small toy that one can fiddle with and keep your hands busy without distracting others. It is said to be calming, promote focus, concentration and decrease stress.

Max shows us how the Tri-Spinner Fidget toy works.

According to Max, these toys are wildly popular at the moment. "People love fidget toys right now. They are buying them like crazy." he says. The screenshot below of an page where one can buy these toys certainly confirm that they are very popular. Escpecially if you look at the details such as "1206 viewed per day" and "741 watching".

Screenshot of an page shows some stats that certainly confirm that the toys are very popular.

What does it cost to manufacture with a Gizmo 3D Printer and for how much money can Max sell them for?

Max is printing these fidget toys solid using Fun To Do Standard blend red resin which costs US $65 a liter and selling them for US $10 each on average.

3D model render of the Tri Fidget Toy that Max manufactures and sells.

3D model render of the Tri Fidget Toy that Max manufactures and sells.

Max is earning money back on his investment of purchasing a Gizmo 3D Printer.

This video shows a freshly printed fidget toy on Max's Gizmo 3D printer.

What does Max have to say about his experience with his Gizmo 3D printer so far? "Amazing, I love it. I'm so happy I bought a Gizmo 3D printer instead of renting the expensive machine I was looking at getting."


Special thanks to Max for taking the time to talk to us a bit about his new side business and sharing his photos and videos. Max, we appreciate it and realise that you would rather be printing than talking about printing :D

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