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Attach the back projector locks

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The printer was designed to be upgraded. The back projector bracket and super speed arms have extra holes in so that we can attach a locking mechanism to keep the back projector from moving while we print.

The lock consists of 4 main components.

2 x Slide

2 x Sliders


Attach the Slide (blue component) to the super speed arm. Do this on the left and right arms. Please note, we normally only supply 4 nuts and bolts for this bracket. It isn't really needed to attach 8 nuts and bolts. The extra holes allow the bracket to be attached in different positions.


Attach the Slider (blue component) to the back projector bracket. It is possible to attach it in two different positions. The position shown will allow for maximum movement to the back of the second projector, but the projector might also hit the Z axis rail in this position for those that have a very tall Z axis, e.g. 800mm.


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