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Gizmo 3D Printer Use Case: 3D Printing to Promote an Event, Brand or Service

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Heart Vase 3D print that was printed on a Gizmo 3D printer

As the Brisbane Ambassador for Women in 3D Printing, I'm always looking for ways to get more people excited about attending our local meetups.

Usually, when promoting an event, brand or service online, it's easy to get stock photography of most complimentary subjects at websites such as However, there seems to be a lack of 3D printing related stock photography at present which is what I need to help me promote the monthly events I will be hosting.

On a side note - could creating stock photos of 3D printing related topics be another avenue of income for entrepreneurs that offer 3D printing services as their business? I have my hands full as Co-founder and Marketing of Gizmo 3D Printers, so I'll leave it there for another entrepreneurial spirit to explore further :D

I didn't want to use the same picture over and over to promote our next meetup, and it got me thinking creatively about what imagery I could use to market it.


The next event for Brisbane Women in 3D Printing was all about celebrating International Women's Day.

I thought it would be a great idea to 3D print a vase with some flowers to photograph. The photos would make pretty images for promoting the event on social media. Flowers also symbolise all kinds of wonderful feminine things plus joyfulness, beauty and good positive vibes.

With our high speed resin 3D printer, we quickly 3D printed the Heart Vase by maddinmm, which was published on on February 20, 2016. You can read all about how the 274mm tall vase was 3D printed in under 4 hours using a Gizmo 3D printer by clicking here.

After taking photos of the vase and adding the event information to it, it was time to post it in social media!

Example of creating stock images with 3D prints to promote events, brands and/or services.

Promo for the event featuring the Heart Vase.

I'm excited to report the idea worked :D *woohoo*

My tests showed the graphic with the 3D printed vase received a much higher engagement rate when shared on social media! It helped create more awareness about the event without a doubt which means I accomplished my mission :)

MORE EXAMPLES OF WAYS ONE COULD USE 3D PRINTING TO PROMOTE AN EVENT, BRAND OR SERVICE. This wasn't the first time that 3D printing helped me promote a brand or service.

On another occasion, we learnt that 3D printing branded items for exhibition displays at events could also help to attract prospective buyers to your booth. As part of our in-house 3D printing service*, we printed 500 robots and rockets that were used to make the exhibition stand of the QUT bluebox Robotics Accelerator stand eye-catching!

Gizmo 3D prints used on an exhibition stand.

Eye-catching Gizmo 3D prints used on an exhibition stand. Photo by: Micromelon Robotics

I've also 3D printed gifts for customers and potential customers as a way to stay memorable in minds and to show my appreciation for our professional relationship.

Have you used or considered using 3D prints to help promote your (or another) event, brand or service?

The Gizmo 3D printers are ideally suited for mini-mass manufacturing runs of large quantities of promotional items* very fast.

Have any questions, comments or feedback? Feel free to book a call or email

* Subject to availability ** Contact us to discuss your 3D printing requirements to see if getting a Gizmo 3D printer is the best choice for you.

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