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Gizmo 3D Printers Customer Testimonial

Special thanks to Gizmo 3D Printers customer Marco Bresciani for permitting us to share the following testimonial publicly. He originally posted it in the Gizmo 3D Customer Support Facebook group today.

"A *BIG* thank you to Kobus, Michelle and the Gizmo 3D Printers team for helping us, at t2Fi, win best in show for our home automation product in this Years Vesta awards in Dallas Texas! We also won 2 finalist prizes for our other entries giving us the most awards of any company there. We are a tiny start up company that have produced some IoT devices (Internet of Things), and designing our own prototype cases in these early stages and printing them in resin for proof of concept gave our client Flame-Tec enough confidence enough to submit three of our products in for the competition. It would have been too expensive for us, both in time and money, to send off every single design iteration out to get printed, but with a Gizmo in our main office in Melbourne Australia and a FormLabs printer in our 'outpost' office in LA we managed to achieve what the huge multinationals could not. The Gizmo was great because it is very comparable in results with the Formlabs, but it could do much more because of the top down printing approach. We could embed nuts in the cases and even print simple circuit boards on it. We were very busy before the show working day and night facing many hurdles, and now thanks to Kobus and Michelle we still get no sleep preparing things for the final stages of mass production because of all the new orders. (..but believe me we are not complaining)." ~ Marco Bresciani

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