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Install the new wiper/recoater on the Gizimate/GiziPro/GiziMax

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Every wiper has been tested before shipment so the only reason why a wiper will not work will be because of damage in shipping.

It will take about an hour to install the whole wiper assembly, it will be easier with two people.

Before installation, place the wiper assembly upright on a level flat table. Place it on something like books so that bottom Z axis motor doesn't touch the table. Turn the ballscrew so that the assembly touches the bottom Z microswitch.

Now level the X axis. The X axis is bolted onto a see-saw. The see-saw can be moved up and down by loosening the front bolt of the see-saw.

Make sure the see-saw is as level as possible, it will make things work much better later on. There are M3 bolts with nuts on them on the front and the back of the rail. By turning the bolts slowly you can move the see-saw up or down. We use $25 Digital Inclinometer from Ebay to get this correct. The cheap Digital Inclinometer isn't perfect but it is good enough. You will still be able to use the software to fix some problems later.

Move the X axis microswitches for your vat size on the top size of the rail assembly.

Make sure the carriage can still activate the microswitch.

Now it is time to install the wiper assembly onto the frame. Place a spacer under the vat holder because you will now have to remove the bolts that keep the vat holder in place.

The bolts are on the side of the frame. You only need to remove the two on the left side of the machine if you look at the machine from the front.

Slide one sliding nut into the frame from the bottom and keep it in place with tape.

Do the same for the second sliding nut

Lift the wiper assembly into place and screw the bolts into the sliding nuts and remove the tape

Now install the next two nuts. You can move a nut easily upwards into position using a cable tie and then install the bolt.

Move the whole assembly up and tighten the bolts. This is now where two people will make the work much easier. Make sure to keep the rail level. You want the assembly at a position where the wiper will touch the resin when the Z axis is at the bottom. This is why you turned the ballscrew at the start to move the assembly downwards.

Now it is time to install the blade. The blade has a spacer, two bolts and two springs.

Install the bolt into the blade and place the spacer on the back of the blade. Use tape to keep everything in position.

Place tape on a spanner and place the nut onto the tape in the spanner.

After installation, remove the tape from the back of the wiper.

Install the top bolts and springs and level the plate. Make sure to tighten the bolt of the spacer after the springs have been installed.

You can also test the wiper level by looking at the resin. Turn the ballscrew manually down so that it touches the resin and then slowly up so that it moves out of the resin. The resin should release in the middle of the wiper.

Connect the wiper power to the front spare button of the printer. It is the button we used to use for the mixer. Make sure to first test the voltage of the wires coming from the front button. If you skip this step and install the wires backwards onto the wiper a new controller will cost USD 50 per shipping. Each controller and wiring has been tested so if they brake it is because this step was not followed.

White is positive and black is negative.

Install the plug into the controller. This should now power up the controller.

Install the USB cable that looks like a 2D paper printer cable into the USB extension cable from the front panel and into the controller of the wiper. You can now install a second USB cable on the front of the printer to control the wiper. Please contact us to get a new version of Gizmetor. The new version of Gizmetor has hudreds of changes so it is best to backup your old version and old settings first before using the new version. The new Gizmetor and GiziPrint software will automatically register the wiper controller and master controller. It also already has room for the Accessories controller that we will release soon.

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