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BOOM! An Industrial Grade 4K Top-Down DLP 3D Printer just Hit the Market for Less than US $15 000

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

If you've been following Gizmo 3D Printers on social media, you'd know we're dropping BIG, mind-blowing 3D printing news today. Those subscribed to Gizmo 3D News would be the first to know. Well here it is...

BOOM! The first 4K Gizmo 3D Printer just hit the market for Less than US $15 000!

Industrial Grade 4K Top-Down DLP 3D Printer available now

Just so we can all fully grasp the magnitude of this incredible resin 3D printing news, let's start with the basics first.

What makes a 4K DLP printer exceptional?

The superpower of printing on such a high-resolution resin 3D printer is the ability to achieve much smoother and finer prints.

Using a projection area size (refer to the image below to understand what a projection area is) of 192mm x 108mm as an example, the difference between printing with or without a 4K projector would be DOUBLE the resolution! The resolution of a Gizmo 3D Printer with an HD projector would be 100um XY. At the same projection area size of 192mm x 108, the resolution of a Gizmo 3D Printer with a 4K projector would be 50um XY.

Image demonstrating what a projection area is.

We are offering our customers a better 4K experience than our competitors at the best price. Here's How

High Quality, Low Maintenance, Professional Results

Beware that not all 4K projectors in the market are the same quality. We are known for building our machines with quality parts; it's one of the main reasons we pride ourselves on manufacturing some of the best industrial resin 3D printers in the market.

The Many Benefits of Gizmo 3D's Top-Down Approach Versus a 4K Bottom-Up

Industrial Grade 4K Top-Down DLP 3D Printer versus Bottom-Up

Where most other 4K resin 3D printers are bottom-up, the Gizmo 3D Printers are top-down. The top-down printing method has many cost and time-saving advantages over bottom-up. These include:

  • No risk of inconsistencies in the print due to light deficiencies During the printing process, some hardened resin residue sinks to the bottom of the vat. As the light source of a bottom-up printer sits below the vat, the light can become blocked by the residue during the printing process. If any light is blocked and unable to cure the resin, it causes weaknesses and inconsistencies in the print. With the top down Gizmo 3D printer, the light source that cures the resin sits at the top of the printer. The unwanted resin bits sink to the bottom of the vat and does not interfere with the printing process.

  • Low maintenance With bottom-up machines, the vat needs to be emptied between prints to clean out the unwanted resin bits or residue mentioned in the previous point. This takes time that could be spent more productively. With the top-down Gizmo 3D printer, users can skip that tedious step and continue printing one print after the other as the vat doesn't need cleaning in between prints.

The Cost of a 4K DLP Projector 3D Printer

It's important to look at the true cost of a 4K resin printer by looking at the cost over time. Also, look at the time spent on maintenance as time is money if you do 3D printing as a profession. Not doing so are some of the biggest mistakes people make when buying a resin 3D printer.

Our Irresistible Offer

Where most industrial grade 4K DLP printers can cost more than US $50 000, it's now possible to own our smallest and most basic 4K Gizmo 3D Printer for less than USD $13 000. More sizes of 4K Gizmo 3D printers are also available.

Get the best 4K top-down DLP 3D printer at the Best Price

Click here to book a call with a member of our team to discuss which of the 4K Gizmo 3D Printers will suit your 3D printing needs best.


What makes a 4K DLP printer better than a 4K LCD printer?

Don't make the mistake to think that a 4K LCD printer is a better option because it's cheaper. It's only cheaper when you purchase the machine, but the maintenance over time will cost you more in the long run. This is because LCD screens don't last long and need to be replaced often. In comparison, a DLP projector can last thousands of hours. Skip ongoing costs and time spent on maintenance when getting a 4K DLP 3D printer instead.

Also, LCD machines are always bottom-up 3D printers, so in choosing an LCD 3D printer, you would miss out on the many advantages of a top-down 3D printer mentioned earlier.

If I already own a Gizmo 3D Printer, can I just order the 4K projector?

Gizmo 3D customers can upgrade their 3D printers with a 4K projector for USD $8500 +potage. The price includes the projector, projector mounts, and access to an easy-to-follow installation video. Click here to book a call with a Gizmo 3D technical advisor to discuss which settings on the new 4K projector will suit your 3D printing needs the best.

Will a 4K DLP projector increase the print speed of a Gizmo 3D Printer? We've doubled our already ground-breaking printing speed since launching in 2016 by introducing UV projectors to our range of 3D printers. Through either adding one of our standard UV projectors or this new 4K UV projector, the Gizmo 3D Printers print up to 33% faster than the average 3D printer in the market.

Click here to book a call with a member of our team to discuss which of the 4K Gizmo 3D Printers will suit your 3D printing needs best.

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Industrial Grade 4K Top Down DLP 3D Printer Available now for less than US $15 000

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