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Case Study: Finishing and Casting of High-Resolution Resin 3D Prints

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Case Study: Casting Service

We recently resin 3D printed extremely delicate flowers on our high-resolution DLP 3D printer. You can read about the print time and method used to print these flowers on another blog that you can access by clicking here. The beautiful 3D model is by PhD Student Pamela See.

This blog discusses the finishing and casting of these high-resolution resin 3D prints.

Cleaning resin prints

We put the 3D printed flowers with their supports into our sonic cleaner filled with Isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes to remove any uncured resin from the prints.

The freshly resin 3D printed flowers still on supports

Finishing resin 3D prints

Using a flush type hobby side cutter, I cut the bottom of the supports first to remove the flowers from the build plate. In this case, we used very fine supports. We use different support generation software packages for rendering supports as each has its advantages. It's useful to know what support structures are more suitable for a job.

I then used my side cutter to cut each support where it touches any part of the flower. The flowers were so incredibly delicate; I had to handle it very carefully. It helped that I printed a few as the first one taught me just how gentle I had to work with it to prevent the stem from breaking or delicate leaves from tearing.

Since then, I've learned of a better way to handle such delicate prints when removing supports. If I had to do this again, I would cure the flower with its supports, so it's not quite as delicate and cut the supports off with our new Ultrasonic Cutting Machine.

Curing resin 3D prints

After removing the supports, I placed the prints in a UV curing box for a few hours.

Sanding resin 3D prints

I used a cone-shaped tip on my 18V ONE+ Ryobi Rotary Tool to sand off any protrusions left behind from removing the supports and a steel file for the areas that were harder to reach.

After sanding, I dipped the prints in Isopropyl alcohol again to remove the powder from the sanding. I dried it quicker by gently blowing air onto it with an air compressor.

High-resolution resin 3D prints printed with Gizmo Quick Castable resin

Packaging delicate resin 3D prints

I filled small, individual zip-lock bags with some paper shreds and placed a print inside each before topping it up again with more paper shreds. I also blew air into the bags before sealing them to prevent the prints from scratching each other or bumping and breaking.

I then posted it to our contact at a casting house to cast it in silver.

Feedback and Results from the Casting House

3D printed with Gizmo Quick SLA Casting Resin and cast in silver

We were delighted when the casting house confirmed that the resin we are currently developing and used to print these flowers, that we call Gizmo Quick is castable! They were impressed with the resolution of the prints and with how well it casts.

The feedback we've received from people who have seen the final results of the flowers cast in silver has also been incredible.

Gizmo 3D Printers Now offers a Resin 3D Printing and Casting Service!

We are delighted to share that we now offer customers a printing and casting service. See your high-resolution designs resin 3D printed and cast in gold or silver! To discuss your project and get a quote for high-resolution resin 3D printing and casting, email


Questions? Click here to book a call with one of our technical advisors or email

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