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Which of These 4 NEW Add-ons Excites you the Most?

2020 may not have gone as planned for the most part, but it's not stopped us from innovating!

So far, our biggest news this year was the release of:

  1. A 4K top-down DLP 3D printer for less than US $15 000 when most industrial grade 4K DLP printers can cost over US $50 000 and a

For our existing customers, we've released four exciting NEW add-ons in 2020 - you're the first to find out about the latest ones:


The Accessory Controller add-on increases the LED and projector's life expectancy significantly plus it reduces bleed on print results. . It does this by switching the UV light on and off automatically between printing layers. Cost: US $300 + postage


With a press of a button, the pump system fills the vat with resin from a reservoir. You will only need to fill the reservoir once in a while instead of manually topping up the vat with resin as required after every print. Cost: US $300 + postage SAVE $100 WITH THIS COMBO DEAL We recommend ordering the Accessory Controller add-on with the Pump System as a combo to save $100 and enjoy more exciting upgrades that are imminent for users of this add-on combo!

Bundle Price: US $500 + postage (Save $100!)


Gizmo 3D customers can now upgrade their 3D printers with a 4K Projector add-on to achieve much smoother and finer printing results. Using a projection area size of 192mm x 108mm as an example, the difference between printing with or without a 4K projector would be DOUBLE the resolution! The resolution of a Gizmo 3D printer with an HD projector would be 100um XY. At the same projection area size of 192mm x 108mm, the resolution of a Gizmo 3D printer with a 4K projector would be 50um XY.

Cost: USD $8500 + postage

The price includes the projector, projector mounts and access to an easy-to-follow installation video.

4. WIPER OR RECOATER ADD-ON The Wiper add-on makes printing with thicker resins much easier. During the printing process, a recoater aids in spreading the resin equally over the previously printed layer. Without the recoater, the resin might not flow to cover the entire surface, causing weaknesses or inconsistencies in your print. Plus, if your 3D model is box-shaped or has a cavity (as the 3D printed mold discussed in this blog does, for example), having a recoater is essential for a crisp finish on sharp edges. Cost: US $800 + postage

Which of these 4 NEW add-ons for the Gizmo 3D printer/s excites you the most?

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