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Pay only postage to receive one of our standard print samples that are printed in Fun To Do Standard Blend red resin. This is the resin that gets shipped with a Gizmo 3D Printer unless arranged otherwise by our customers.

To order, click on the button below to send us an email with the address to ship the print to - we will then send you a quote for the shipping cost to pay before we start printing the part.  Only one print sample per customer.   Need more? Ask for a quote by clicking the button below.


1. Get a Standard print sample

Choose from the following options:

2. Order a Custom print sample

Contact us for a quote to request a custom print sample by clicking the button below. Please include:
- The .stl of the object/s 
- The quantity of prints needed
- Your choice of resin
- The size of the object we need to print. We are limited to printing at this size at the moment <....> as we only have 1 printer in-house for printing samples.
- How soon you need it

The cost and delivery time of a custom print are determined by:
1. The cost and amount of the specific resin required to do the job
   (and whether we have that resin in stock or need to order it in)
2. Labour cost:
   - Are supports required?
   - What level of finishing is required? Do you need the print to be sanded down for
     example or do you just want to see the raw print?
3. Postage cost - where do you need the part sent to and how fast?
4. How urgently do you need it? There is a fee for skipping the queue.

Being that the Gizmo 3D Printers are compatible with many many different resins, we are unable to have them all in stock or have every size machine set up for every type of resin.  Therefore, this printing service is subject to:

> availability of the resin needed (we may not have that specific type of resin in stock)
> the printer size needed
> the demand at the time (currently the usual wait time is 3 weeks)

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