May 28, 2018

The new version of Gizmetor and GiziPrint uses some features in the new Marlin.  This post will explain how to upgrade the firmware.

Newest Marlin

Download and unzip the latest Marlin that we use

Arduino 1.8.5

Download and install Arduino 1.8.5 (

Open Arduino 1.8.5

Click on File | Preferences

Copy the following into "Additional Boards Man...

April 8, 2018

- Swap the display of the XY size of the part in title bar.  The Y was the X and the X was the Y.

- Changed the resolution in the drop down box so that it is easier to compare with other printer apps - Removed after rewrite of profiles

- Changed the calculation used to determine the projection height.  The value isn't used anywhere in the code, it is just for the user to see what the height should be

- Sup...

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