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  • The vat doesn't need to be emptied between prints because the unwanted hardened resin bits (that usuallyneeds to be cleaned up in the case of bottom-up printers) sink to the bottom of the vat. This allows users to start printing as soon as the  previous print is removed from the buildplate, saving even more time in between already super fast prints.
    Bottom up printers normally need a silicone layer which has to be replaced quite often. Gizmo 3D Printers have no replacement parts whatsoever.

  • The GiziMate is the smallest of the DLP 3D printers from Gizmo 3D Printers.  The GiziMate is made from the same high quality parts as the GiziPro and the GiziMax.  This 3D printer is a low cost, user friendly, top down personal desktop DLP 3D manufacturing system.  Like all other 3D printers from Gizmo 3D Printers, the GiziMate is designed for producing high quality 3D models.

    Utilizing a multiple built-in USB connections and an HDMI connection, the GiziMate can connect directly to your PC.  One USB connection is used by Gizmetor to control the printer and the second USB connection can be used for anything the user might require, e.g. adding a web camera to the printer.  The HDMI connection is used to display the layers when building 3D models.

    When printing at the maximum resolution using an HD projector, e.g. 35 micron, the print area will be really tiny, in the region of 68mm x 38mm.  When printing at 400mm x 250mm and using an HD projector the resolution will be approximately 200 micron X/Y

    The machines are not currently available to the public.  We will release a limited number of pre-production models soon for users that are willing to buy the machines and help us test before releasing on a crowd funding campaign.  The pre-production machines will be released after the beta machines have been tested in house.  We will give more information aboutt he machines when we release them.

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