Different resins to suit your projects and budget

The Gizmo 3D Printers are resin-based DLP SLA 3D Printers.  Any resins made for SLA DLP 3D Printers should work but we can only guarantee the ones we have personally tested. We've tested and recommend:

Fun To Do Resin:   It's an affordable resin that is available in many countries and suited to a wide range of uses.  It cures wonderfully fast.

Visit our shop to see what we have in stock.

Visit funtodo.net for more information.

3Dresyns: High performance resins, both in terms of high mechanical performance and fast speed. They have an impressive variety of resins that vary in strength, flexibility, hardness and more.  These resins are perfectly suited to UV projectors.  Do not use with an Acer projector.

Visit 3Dresyns.com for more information.

Spot-A Materials: We’ve tested the Spot-E elastic resin, it cures wonderfully fast and is relatively affordable. Produces high resolution results and we also recommend it for continuous printing of elastic objects.  

Visit spotamaterials.com for more information.

DruckWege resin:  DruckWege resin Typ D is durable, easy to paint and cures quick. It achieves a high degree of details and sharp edges. 

Visit druckwege.de for more information.

Tethon 3D resin:  The Porcelite Ceramic resin produces porcelain prints.  It is slow curing. Mixing might be required during a print. It is a thick resin and not suited for continuous printing. 

Visit tethon3D.com for more information.

Vitang resin:  Ideal for castable jewelery printing, this quality resin that produces extremely high resolution results.  The resin doesn't require any pigment as many other resins do which also means no mixing required.  It is a thick resin and prints slower, therefore not suitable for continuous printing.

Visit vitangtechnology.com for more information.

Pro3dure resin: Good for medical related 3D printing such as dental items and hearing aids for example . Some of the resins from this brand cure extremely fast while others are very thick and probably not suitable for continuous printing. The resin doesn’t require any pigment like many other resins which also means no mixing required.

Visit pro3dure.com for more information.

Resins should always be stored in a dry, cool, shaded place out of direct sunlight.

We are currently testing more brands of resin so that we may be able to recommend resin types to our users to suit their individual needs.