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101+ (good!) reasons to get a Gizmo 3D Printer

Cutting edge add-ons

1. The super speed add-on is patent pending - an absolutely unique feature that makes our machines the first super speed top down DLP 3D printers in the world.

2 Able to print up to 3mm per minute, it is also the fastest top down DLP printer in the world.

3. The super speed add-on fits on all 3 of our machines.

4. You can print more than one item at a time at super speed. Whatever you can fit inside your projection area can be printed. We were printing not one, but two balls in 19 minutes at CES.

5. Unlike 3D printers with extruders that print only a section of a layer of the object at a time, the whole layer gets printed at once with our technology resulting in a much faster output.

6. All printers come with a resin heater package that heats the resin for even faster printing. The resin is heated to 30+ degrees C to make it flow better and provide for a higher resolution.

7. We have many extra holes designed in the printer for users to attach any add-on features to the printer easily – for instance,

8. One of the many optional accessories that will be available to purchase for a super speed Gizmo 3D Printer, is an automatic magnetic resin mixer.

9. The automated projector movement package moves the projector assembly to the correct desired height automatically. With other 3D printers, users have no choice but to move the projector manually.

10. Each machine has an additional USB plug that is for future upgrades that will soon allow users to control the projectors from Gizmetor.

11. For only $475 you can buy the auto calibrating wiper.

12. Our technology can make a huge difference to many different industries - dentistry, animation, artists, hobbyists, aviation, military, medical and much much more and is already high in demand.

Experience the benefits of top down The fact that it is top down means it has many advantages that bottom up printers don’t have. These advantages include: 13. The vat doesn’t need to be emptied between prints because the unwanted hardened resin bits (that usually needs to be cleaned up in the case of bottom up printers) sink to the bottom of the vat. This means users can start printing as soon as the previous print is complete, saving even more time in between already super fast prints. 14. When the printed part is done, it sits on top of the build plate. It doesn’t hang off of a build plate where gravity might pull it down - especially if it is a larger print. This also means less supports are needed and that wastes less resin and reduces time required to clean up the part. Which also means:

15. Users can pause the printing process and add metal bits such as screws and bolts to their 3D object if they like. Even if the object becomes heavier from adding metal bits to it or the user chooses to print a large object, users won’t have to worry

16. Because objects are printed within a vat of liquid without something covering the resin, there’s no chance of suction problems which is common with bottom up printers. 17. Users will experience less downtime because they can calibrate easier than they would be able to with bottom up DLP printers. 18. Bottom up printers normally need a silicone layer which has to be replaced quite often. Because Gizmo 3D Printers are top down 3D DLP printers, it doesn’t have silicone PDMS layers which again means less downtime for the user.

19. Top down projectors are safer and more comfortable than the lasers or projectors of bottom up machines because the light doesn’t shine directly into your eyes.

20. The build plate doesn’t need to be removed from the printer to be cleaned, users will just be able to scrape the finished print off and start printing again immediately.

High resolution that wows 21. Users can look forward to printing high resolution results that wow with the standard machines (without the super speed add-on). 22. At CES 2016, we were the only company that was giving people a magnifying glass to look at the layering or lack thereof on our 3D prints. 23. The XY resolution is between 36 and 208 micron.

24. The calculated Z resolution for a Gizmo 3D printer is 0.07 micron.

25. We’ve successfully been experimenting with adding different lenses to the projector to increase resolution even more for very small and detailed prints and can now print XY resolution of 20 micron with the add-on.

Vastly Improved User Experience 26. Invented by a user for users. Everything about our machines are designed to ensure an improved user experience. We are passionate about the users because we are users ourselves that have also been frustrated with the current technology out there. 27. Expandability: The machine is built in such a way that it grows with the user - when you need a bigger vat, it is cheap to purchase one and you don’t have to buy a new machine with a bigger vat because our bigger vat will fit your machine.

28. You don’t need an expensive PC to run our system as it’s been tested on standard i3 and i5 laptops. 29. We’ve seen that many users have complained about their international printers on forums, saying that when they get the printer they first need to go buy an universal adapter to be able to use it. With ours, the cable that plugs into the power filter has an open plug that allows the user to plug any country adapter (your country plug is included) into the cable. 30. Even without the super speed add-on our printer prints faster than most. 31. This printer keeps on printing! Even when a user might be faced with unexpected trials when using the machine, it will keep printing! An example is we were having power issues at CES, because the heater on the machine needed 220V and we weren't getting the resin heated enough for super speed printing. We need the resin warmer so that it can thin out, that allows us to use less projector power normally. Only option we had at that moment was to increase projector power and that caused more of the bottom to harden than we wanted to. This can be seen in the video by Mashable: 32. Once you are part of the Gizmo 3D Printers community, you won’t be bombarded with newsletters - we only believe in sending newsworthy newsletters.

Great support and little to no risk for our Indiegogo backers 33. "It’s competitively priced with a lot of after sales support. If there’s anything to commend upon, it’s the fact that the support for this machine has been top notch. The machine still has some further development to really make it a beautiful streamlined experience that delivers exceptional results all the time, but in the realm of digital fabrication, it’s definitely on its way there. With a strong community to back this machine, it could really pave the way for the next generation of 3d printing.

I look forward to seeing Gizmo 3D grow.” Kin Ly FBE FabLab, University of New South Wales Less Downtime 34. Our hardware design doesn’t have an extruder that can get clogged up and need cleaning before printing can continue. 35. No replacement parts on our machine during the printing process whatsoever which saves time and money!

Fair pricing 36. Users can buy the standard (without the super speed add-on) machine from less than US $4000

37. Top down SLA DLP 3D printers have never been this fast or this affordable.

38. You can buy the super speed add-on anytime you can afford it. 39. All of our add-ons are reasonably priced.

40. The price is for users and isn’t different for companies so the price is good for all. Quality parts

41. One of the main frustrations with other 3D printers is that users have to constantly replace low quality parts. Our machines are built to last and it shows because: 42. The build plate is made from stainless steel. 43. Cable drag chain that is typically used on big industrial machines is used to hold the wires together. 44. There is only one moving part in the machine throughout the printing process which means less that can break on the machine (does not include any future add-ons).

45. The frame is made from strong 40mm x 40mm aluminium. 46. Our printer is built using quality but standard off the shelf components therefore: 47. Replacing any parts (if needed) is easy and affordable; plus 48. the parts are less likely to be discontinued, because everything is off the shelf, except for the sheet metal parts. 49. The hardware includes precision linear slider rails which allows for precision movement and low friction.

50. The build plate is attached to rails that are rated to carry 45kg each. This means you can print big without damaging the machine.

51. The Z axis has a 20mm ball-screw and a Nema 23 motor attached to a 10:1 gearbox. This allows for smooth high definition motion.

52. Our unique method of printing is done with Acer projectors that carry their own guarantee by Acer.

53. Many Indiegogo campaigns don’t offer a guarantee on their products. We don’t feel we need to because our machines are genuinely built with quality parts. But the buyer will have a choice of adding a guarantee for $300 more.

54. The machine has a ball bearing fan for cooling which is a type of fan that lasts longer and runs softer than a sleeve bearing fan.

55. The controller comes with 3 drivers DRV8825 chips which makes it easy to upgrade to include more add-ons

56. The mixer switch is already implemented to ensure easy installation when the user buys the auto mixer add-on.

57. The gearbox is made with precision laser cutting.

Amazing Software features (some that the 3D printing community haven’t even heard of) 58. E-mail to print: Our Gizmetor software can be connected to an e-mail address and act out different instructions that it gets from emails that contain the correct security information. For example, it can download a print file specified in the e-mail from the URL and start printing.

59. A honeycomb infill option for strengthening parts that are printed with our continuous printing method. 60. Full layer manipulation - the ability to tell your printer to print 20 layers hollow to save resin, 20 solid, 20 fast, 20 slow for more detail (i.e facial features on a doll) and more.

61. Gizmetor printer web interface: It is now possible to connect to Gizmetor using a browser. This means you can send an object to print remotely. This is the first step to towards a fully independant printer.

62. Auto updater feature: When our software starts up, it will check if a new version of the software is available and then ask the user if they want to download it. When the download is complete the software will automatically update. 63. A hotspot manager that prevents prints from getting damaged by high energy hotspots.

64. A ‘Super Smooth package’ which allows the Z-axis to move as slow as 0.51 mm per minute and up to 3mm per minute with off the shelf resins to ensure a high quality result.

65. A world first feature that we call Distributed Slicing which means you don't have to upload your object to the cloud for cloud slicing, you can keep your object securely on your local network. Therefore if you have power outages and your PCs are running on UPS, you will be able to keep on slicing and printing. Your bandwidth also isn’t ruined – slicing at 1 micron creates a lot of data after all. And users can save configurations for any quality print that they want to reproduce in future.

66. Our software offers a lot of innovative features and flexibility designed to excite the 3D printing enthusiast.

67. Should an absolute beginner buy our machine and feel overwhelmed by the amount of advanced settings available to them, they can just hide the advanced options until they are ready to take their printing to the next level.

68. Windows will install the required drive to connect to the printer automatically for you. 69. You can send print settings of a print that you are happy with to another person in a different country and they will be able to reproduce the same result.

Consistent results 70. Once you’ve run a couple of test prints and used our wonderful range of configurations that you can play with, you can just save the configurations of your best print and reproduce that perfect print over and over anytime just by loading the same file.

Materials 71. Our machines are compatible with Fun To Do Resin that only costs from $65 a liter. 72. We don’t limit you to use only the resin we distribute - you can use any DLP resin i.e Makerjuice or B9 Creator resins if you like.

73. Users have the ability to print multiple objects all in different colors by using a ‘multi color vat’. Because of the top down method of printing, this can easily be added on.

74. More resin types are constantly being developed for our machine.

75. Changing from printing an object in one colour and then printing another object in a different colour machine is easy to do with small vats because they are quick to change.

76. The prices of our machines include enough resin for you to start printing right away. 77. Since our failure rate is very low it will actually work out cheaper than FDM where the failure rate is normally high for many users. Cheaper in money and time because you print once, faster and hollow and it is done. Printing with a wall thickness of 1mm or less uses so little resin. General 78. Now is a good time to sell your current machine so that you can get the money to buy yourself a Gizmo 3D Printer. Because we are still a small company with a tiny marketing budget, you will still be able to sell your current machine for a good price to people who don’t know any better :P 79. Having a big/heavy machine means it has less of a chance to get stolen haha 80. Our machine prints so quietly, you can easily have it next to you while you are working or watching TV. 81. We have bigger balls! You may have noticed that other 3D printing companies that claim super speed print much smaller balls than we do :P 82. The machine has a functional, open design which means you won’t have to open the shell every time you need to remove your finished print from the build plate which saves time.

83. If you would prefer a more slick looking 3D printer as opposed to the industrial look that we have, watch this space, we have something planned for you! 84. Even when we have a skin developed for our industrial looking machine, it will be optional therefore allowing the user to choose whether it is worth it to them to spend the money on a skin. 85. Ours is a desktop 3D printer, you just need to treat yourself to a bigger desk!

86. Our technology continues to evolve and by the time this article is read, there will be a new development again.

87. The feet on the printers are adjustable allowing the user to level the machine so that it can print on any surface.

88. Because the machine is mainly the neutral colours black and grey it won’t clash with the colours of any environment it is placed in.

89. The Fun To Do resin that we use is very strong when fully cured. It took 30kg to break a hollow ball that we printed. Click here to see it.

90. The machine is fully and easily customisable and can adapt easily to any add-ons you get.

91. To ensure your printer gets delivered to you in once piece, we will be posting it in protective wooden boxes.

92. When posted, our boxes are fitted with tilt sensors to ensure that will show tell you whether your printer was handled with care.

93. The box doesn’t come with a logo on it which means your neighbour won’t know what you bought unless you tell him.

94. It is easy to clean your machine - just a quick wipe.

95. You are buying from a small company that consists of a very passionate team that is committed to giving users overall a much better printing experience.

96. Let’s face it, it’s a really cool hobby to have! You can print any last minute gifts that you forgot to get real quick and it will look good :D

97. We have various sizes of build plates available for purchase.

98. You might think a 3D printer with all of these incredible features cost a fortune but the full package with super speed starts at under $6000.

99. You can design your own adapter that just screws in place so that you can fit a different projector in easily if you wish to do so. You don’t have to take our word for it!

100. These printers have been featured in the media a lot already, getting recognition for being a groundbreaking 3D printer in the industry. 101. The Gizmo 3D Printers were showcased at CES 2016 where everyone could see it for themselves up close and personal. 102. Just follow us on social media where we often quote and post the reactions of people to our machines. And now you know almost all there is to know about our amazing machines :) Want one? Click here.

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