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Update firmware

The new version of Gizmetor and GiziPrint uses some features in the new Marlin. This post will explain how to upgrade the firmware.

Newest Marlin

Download and unzip the latest Marlin that we use

Arduino 1.8.5

Download and install Arduino 1.8.5 (

Open Arduino 1.8.5

Click on File | Preferences

Copy the following into "Additional Boards Manager URLs

Click OK

Click on Tools | Board | Boards Manager

In the search box, type in "Sanguino"

Click on the line that shows up. It should have the text "Sanguino by Kristian...."

Select version 1.0.2 and install it.

Close the window when done

Click on Tools | Board. Scroll go the bottom and select Sanguino

Click on Tools | Processor | ATmega1284 ... (16 MHz)

Open and upload Marlin

In Arduino 1.8.5 click File | Open

Go to the directory where you unzipped the new Marlin

Open Marlin.ino. It will be between Marlin.h and Marlin_main.cpp.

Click Tools | Port. Select the printer port (If you have multiple ports in the list you will need to click each one and try to upload to it until you have the correct one)

Click on the arrow that points to the right to upload.

If all goes well you will have the newest firmware.

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