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Trouble Shooting: Nothing moves

Updated: Jul 15, 2020


Make sure the printer is powered up. The DC power should be plugged in, it is the little round plug. The DC power is a laptop power supply. The big rectangle power supply. The fan should be spinning without a USB cable plugged into the printer. The controller should have a lit bright red LED. The on switch on the front of the printer should be pressed in and the light should shine bright.

USB cable

There might be a problem with the USB cable. Please try another USB cable.

Endstop checking

Download and install pronterface.

Run pronterface.exe from the installed directory.

In Pronterface connect to the controller. Choose one of the comm ports and select a speed of 9600. When it has been connected send the command M119 to the controller. That will tell you which endstops are triggered. If your Z axis rails are touching the endstop they should say TRIGGERED. This screenshot shows the Z endstop is open.

If the endstop is open, but the Z axis rail is touching the endstop a cable might be lose. Check the back of the controller. The bottom connectors are for the endstops. It would be X, Y, Z. The future wiper is X, the automated projector movement is Y, the build plate is Z.

Check the cables going to the microswitches. They could come lose in shipping

If all the cables are plugged in then test again with M119. If it still shows as open, but the microswitch is pressed in then contact us.

If it shows as Triggered. Then you can move that axis using pronterface. Just press a +1 on the axis and see if there is movement. If there is movement close pronterface and you can now start using Gizmetor to print.

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