Gizmetor advance scaling

The newest version of Gizmetor adds advance scaling. In Gizmetor it is possible to split a build area up into unlimited number of columns and rows. The contents of each cell can now be scaled independently.

Steps to enable this feature:

Click on the gears icon in Gizmetor. The application settings will pop up.

Go to the slicer tab.

Click on "Enable advance scaling" and enter the columns and rows you require.

Restart Gizmetor.

Currently if you change the projection area size you will need to restart Gizmetor.

This is only a visual clue to make it easier to place objects. The scaling of each cell happens in GiziPrint.

Load the scaling data in GiziPrint

You will need an excel file with the scaling data to start. There is a file available in the toolbox/calibrate directory of Gizmetor/GiziPrint. The file has data for 3 columns and 2 rows.

Each cell will have numbers separated by a comma. The first number is the X scaling and the second number is the Y scaling. The code assumes at the moment that your country will use a dot (.) for reel/double/float numbers. This means if you need a scaling of 20.1 for X and 22.5 for Y the value in the cell will be 22.1, 22.5

Open GiziPrint

Go to the Profile Config tab and then click on the Image Scaling Adv tab

Select the file and load it into GiziPrint. Make sure all the values are correct and click on Save file.

GiziPrint will now use the values in the file to scale the objects. The code will look at the first layer of each object and determine which cell that object is located in and then apply the scaling to all the layers of that object. This means if an object stretches across cells over time only the starting scaling will be used.

This functionality is meant for production of small parts, e.g. dental models or jewellery. This way the code will produce the parts exactly the same size no matter where on the build plate the parts are located.


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