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Configure brightness for a resin

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

If your projector is too bright the white projection area will burn the resin and you will get a lot of waste on the build plate.

A wonderful example is when I set the brightness and contract of both projectors to 100% when printing max projection area in white. You will see the little chipmunk right in the middle of the big mess.

Snow White and Deep Black will generate this type of mess if your brightness is too high. Industrial blends will create a type of skin on the build plate and on the parts.

Use the projector remote that came with your printer to show the projector menu. If you are not able to read the text then you will need to either get a magnifying glass or move the projector higher up and focus so that you can see what the text says. You will learn the combination on the remote over time. In future versions of Gizmetor you will be able to hopefully set the brightness by sending a command to the projector. The magnifying glass isn't such a bad idea, especially for those with the super speed add-on. If you are calibrating the two projectors at the smallest projection area can be really difficult to see the small text.

The way we set the brightness is to set the contrast to 100% and the brightness to 40%. Move the build plate on top of the resin, just so that there is a little bit of resin on the build plate. Don't display anything, just show the projection area. If the resin on the build plate doesn't harden then increase brightness by 5%. Keep on doing this until the resin hardens and then reduce by 5%. Do a print. If you see any waste then reduce brightness by 2% and do another print.

Remember to always mix your resin before you do this. The resin will behave differently when it is not mixed. You will get burn it much quicker.

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