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Gizmo 3D Printer Use Case: Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Sign

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

One of the most useful 3D prints I've incorporated into my daily routine is this Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Sign by berky93 that we downloaded from Thingiverse. It's handy in our household as hubby and I take turns to do the dishwashing.

HOW WE USE IT My husband and I have an arrangement at home that he packs the dirty dishes in the dishwasher for washing, and I pack out the clean dishes when they are dry. At times it can be hard to tell whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or not. With this useful 3D printed life hack, hubby now shifts the dial to show "CLEAN" when the dishes are done, and I just set it to "DIRTY" when I've finished packing out, and the machine is ready to be loaded with dirty dishes again.


Thanks to the incredible speed of the Gizmo 3D Printers we were able to print it in only 1 hour where it would have taken over 4 hours on another SLA 3D printer in the market. Due to the Gizmo 3D Printer being a reliable resin bed 3D printer that delivers consistent results, the sign printed the first time.

Low maintenance resin 3D printers

It would be much cheaper to manufacture this print on a Gizmo 3D Printer versus many other 3D printers which have PDMS and Teflon layers that have to be replaced often. The Gizmo 3D Printers have no replacement parts, PDMS or Teflon layers which cost money and time to maintain. It's much cheaper and less work to maintain a Gizmo 3D Printer.

Versatility and freedom of choice when it comes to resin 3D printing material

Our SLA DLP 3D printers are compatible with resin from many different 3D printer resin manufacturers, and our customers enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose what resin suit their budget and project needs.

We used Fun To Do Standard Blend resin to print this life hack. The affordable resin costs only USD 50 per liter which brought the cost of 3D printing the 118mm x 28mm x 16.8mm life hack down to $1.95 each. On another 3D printer in the market, it would have cost USD 7.53 per item using resin from their limited range of materials that cost USD 179 upwards per liter. Larger build volumes ideal for custom production runs There could be a market for selling these and other life hacks as there are already Dishwasher Signs for sale at $25 each on eBay. With Gizmo 3D Printers being larger than most DLP 3D printers in the same price range, we could print many of these at the same time and it would still only take an hour. This is one of the reasons why the Gizmo 3D Printers are ideal for manufacturing parts like these as part of a 3D printing service for example.

As you can see, the Gizmo 3D Printers are the best industrial resin 3D printers for printing larger volumes faster for cheaper.

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Useful resin 3D prints: Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Sign

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